Mai Time

At last!


Ancient healers believed that harnessing the energy and therapeutic powers of Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal would boost vital energy, settle the spirit, and nourish one’s core essence. At Four Elements Spa we embrace this idea in our spa rituals, combining traditional Asian and Western techniques with the best products and naturally therapeutic ingredients.

Four Elements Spa is open daily from 9am – 9pm

Wood is symbolic of strength.
The wood element releases blocked energy and stress knots, calming emotional imbalance and eliminating negative tension from the body and mind.

Fire symbolizes warmth.  The fire element promotes circulation and relief to aches and pains.

Earth represents the center of one’s being, the nurturing life force of the body and mind. The earth element relieves blockages along energy pathways.

Metal represents the life force of the body’s defense mechanism. The metal element will help boost your immune system and achieve an overall balance of equilibrium and tranquility.

Feeling tired?

“Pick me up!”
Phuket Spa

A chilled cocktail to accompany your spa indulgence? Why not? We believe in relaxation, not deprivation!  Spa alone, with your lover, or with your little ones.

Feeling irreverent?

“Mama needs a Spa Day!”
Phuket Spa

…and sometimes a Spa Day is even more fun with Daddy and the Kids! Our Family Spa packages include Mai Spa Party, Mama & Missy, Papa & Poppet, plus a range of kid-friendly treatments from massage to after-sun treatments, manicures, pedicures and facial (painting).

Mai says: “Shhhhh…. this is heavenly…”